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President's Message

President's Message
Christopher Bailey FSCTE, President, Society for Broadband Professionals
27 November 2017

Chris BaileyBefore you tire of reading my message, I am going to start with an appeal. It is my desire that, during my term as President of our Society, we work together to continue the excellent progress that our outgoing President, Mike Thornton has made, in improving the relevance of the SCTE to new and younger members of the Broadband Communications Industry.

You are probably aware that the SCTE has a shareholding in IBC (International Broadcasting Convention), an organisation that delivers an annual congress and exhibition in Amsterdam and offers a series of technical presentations and a forum for discussion between delegates, mostly drawn from the broadcasting industry.

The SCTE shareholding provides the Society with additional funding, in the form of share dividends, that provides us with the luxury of being able to choose how we spend and invest these funds, to hopefully provide and fulfil my three key objectives: -

  • The very best SCTE membership experience.
  • Securing the future of our Society.
  • Further developing our altruistic investment in world class technical training.

Our Society has Executive Committee members who represent you and are your voice in discussions about how the Society plans its future. Please help me by contacting one of your SCTE Executives and sharing your ideas and views with them; they all have a contact page on the SCTE website (see ). I want to be fully engaged with our members and certain in the knowledge that we are making the right decisions that will fulfil my three key objectives.

The SCTE website offers a two-tiered level of access, one for general public use and the other with content accessible only with a SCTE member’s password.  If you have never visited the SCTE website, or have not been there for a while, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and detail of the content available.  Information about our Society’s structure, technical training, copies of lecture day presentations and a wealth of SCTE archive material are just some of the items you may enjoy.

The SCTE continues to be active on the international broadband communications stage and has a highly successful SCTE Benelux Group that delivers an increasingly popular, bi-annual lecture meeting and an Annual Gala Dinner.  Also, our SCTE India Group participates in regional exhibitions, is developing training modules and has gradually become established to the point where, this year, it is now controlling its membership-related administration.

We have an SCTE Ambassador in the Balkans where, as a result of regional training and trade exhibitions, new members have been successfully recruited.  This initiative is being somewhat mirrored in Turkey, where the SCTE is working to develop training tailored to the needs of the national broadband network operator.

A valuable benefit of belonging to the SCTE is the opportunity for members to apply for a bursary to attend one of a number of exhibitions that have, in the past, included ANGA, IBC, the FTTH Conference and DVB World. The bursary covers the cost of flights, hotels and subsistence.

The consistently popular and well-attended SCTE lecture meetings attract world-class international speakers from industry-leading vendors, universities and industry standards groups, with some of the presentations available on the SCTE website as offline webcasts.  The lecture meetings often provide the catalyst for some of the excellent papers published in SCTE’s Broadband Journal, a high-quality publication that is admired and respected throughout the broadband communications industry.

The complete range of SCTE training courses has been updated and is available, along with textbooks by the SCTE Broadband Training Group which now operates as a distinctively branded part of SCTE Ltd. under the direction of the Executive Training Committee.

The SCTE Annual Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony has always been a well-attended and often “sold out” event.   The SCTE Awards are made to well-deserving members and those vendors who have showcased outstanding technology or innovative products that the SCTE Executive Committee chooses for special recognition.

Whilst the Society continues promoting its brand and the benefits offered to new members in the UK and internationally, I would like to finish this message by asking you to encourage your colleagues and associates to join the Society and share in its continued success.  SCTE membership opportunities are clearly detailed on the website and the SCTE office is of course always happy to respond to membership enquiries – see the benefits of membership at

Finally, in closing this message, I would like to thank your SCTE Executive Committee who has elected me to the position of President, and assure you that I will do my best for you and our Society.

Chris Bailey FSCTE