• Online manuals for all key SCTE courses

    Online manuals for all key SCTE courses

  • Fibre Optic Transmission for Technicians

    Fibre Optic Transmission for Technicians

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    Comprehensive instruction manuals

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    Online digital manuals


Although the two organizations are entirely separate, albeit with a part name in common, we share many of the same principles and objectives, and education is at the core of these. The two organizations have agreed to share their knowledge bases and methodologies to advance the technical knowledge of the engineering community at large. In this regard, we are pleased to offer this manual through our online bookstore, as we feel it is a valuable add-on to our fiber courses for engineers and technicians who wish to have a complete reference manual for their particular needs.

These manuals are reviewed and updated on a repeating annual cycle to keep them current in the industry. Older content is retained however but is usually ‘retired’ to the appendices as it loses currency recognizing that there are many older technologies that still remain active.

About the SCTE (Society for Broadband Professionals)

Founded in 1945 in the United Kingdom, the SCTE is a non-profit making organization, managed by an Executive Committee of elected volunteers, whose aim is to raise the standard of broadband engineering in the telecommunications industry. The society particularly concerns itself with the training and career advancement of technical professionals in this field.


SCTE’s Mission—Providing technical leadership for telecommunications industry and serving its members through excellence in professional development, standards, certification, and information.
SCTE•ISBE is proud to serve as the technical and applied science leader for the cable telecommunications industry.  Since its beginning in 1969, the Society has been dedicated to providing meaningful resources and programs for its members and the industry.