Edo Kweldam
Chairman, SCTE Benelux Committee

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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

EDO KWELDAM (1967), Chairman of the SCTE’s Benelux Group, served for four years with the Royal Dutch Air Force following his studies in electronics at the Dutch Intermediate Technical School. He worked for air traffic control,
modernising its communications centre.

In 1993, Edo joined the local cable company, CAI Harderwijk. As a member of the technical staff, he was involved in the upgrade of the coaxial network, including implementation of remote switching of multi-tap devices and digitalisation of the network to make digital television available.

On 1 January 2006, Edo Kweldam was appointed Managing Director of CAI Harderwijk. Under his leadership, this local player did not merge with other cable companies but innovated independently, in a technical as well as a strategic sense. CAI Harderwijk provided a world first in 2010 with 100Mbps symmetrically on DOCSIS 3 across the entire cable network, thus upgrading it to broadband quality.

Strategically, CAI Harderwijk developed a network philosophy based on openness and optimal competition between multiple service providers. This focus on the role of network partner led to a ground-breaking collaboration between CAI Harderwijk and Bouwfonds CIF in the rollout of FTTH in Harderwijk. Since 2015, the incumbent DSL operator also offers its services via the Harderwijk glass-fibre network, making all services available via the open-network model. In 2015, Edo Kweldam received the European Broadband Award from the European Commissioner for CAI Harderwijk’s open network.

Meanwhile, Edo Kweldam keeps track of international developments within Cable Europe. At a national level, he is active in Dutch Cable and in the Fibre-to-the-Home platform. Kweldam frequently gives national and international lectures on developments in CAI Harderwijk and his vision of what lies ahead in the industry.

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